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Stress can have both positive and negative effects, a little stress can help us to feel motivated and meet challenges but when it becomes severe it can affect our physical and mental health.


There are many things which cause stress and we all react differently to them but what they seem to have in common is change or lack of control, even positive changes can feel stressful.

We all react differently to stress but some symptoms include:


  • feeling low
  • avoiding social situations
  • isolating
  • anxiety
  • using alcohol/drugs/food to cope
  • sleep difficulties
  • quick to anger
  • digestive problems and upset stomach
  • perspiring
  • feeling dizzy
  • palpitations
  • changes in sex drive
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Struggling with stress can feel like you are going round in circles – you are stressed so you feel stressed that you are stressed. The longer this goes on the harder it is to cope. If stress is taking over your life, you are avoiding situations or people, your physical health is affected, you are experiencing angry outbursts or you are using unhealthy or dangerous coping methods then it may be time to seek help. The doctor may be your first port of call who will be able to look at your physical symptoms and suggest other ways of coping. Counselling can help by enabling you to talk about your difficulties and understand any underlying issues you may have that are causing your stress. It is also helpful just to talk to someone who will not judge, is confidential and understanding.

Work stress

Work can give us structure and purpose and lead to a sense of satisfaction but if we are affected by stress and unhappiness it can affect our well-being, other areas of our lives and make us utterly miserable.


Feeling unhappy and stressed at work can lead to anxiety, depression, problems with sleep and other difficulties with our mental health.


Life today is fast paced, challenging and competitive add to this pay cuts, job cuts, increasing hours and finances then stress levels can soar. Some amount of stress is manageable and some thrive on this but others do not. It doesn’t matter where you work, what you do, or how much you earn if work becomes too much for you then you can suffer both psychological and physically.


Do you feel self-doubt, tearful, aggressive or alone? Do you dread going to work, feel anxious and lack motivation? If you get home feeling low and the thought of work fills you with anxiety and fear something is wrong.

Other causes of stress include:


  • bereavement
  • changes in circumstances
  • having a baby
  • illness
  • divorce and separation
  • moving house
  • unemployment
  • financial difficulties
  • relationship difficulties
  • being a carer
  • worries over children or family members
  • feeling stuck

This is just an example and could include absolutely anything, what causes stress for one person may not for another. Acknowledging that you are suffering from the effects of stress and that it is affecting your life will help you to seek support. Your G.P. will be able to give you advice and suggest what would be helpful to you.