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Changes in life are inevitable, whether we know they are coming or they are a complete shock. They can leave us feeling off balance, confused, powerless and fearful. They come in many forms and we may look at other people and wonder how they cope.

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Any change however big or small they may seem can affect us but here are just a few:

  • Starting a new job
  • Concerns about the birth or adoption of a child
  • Grief due to illness or death of a loved one
  • Moving to a different area
  • Getting married or moving in with a partner
  • Feeling you have lost your purpose in life
  • Children leaving home
  • Having difficulty dealing with aging or mid-life
  • Divorce or end of a relationship

You may feel lost, anxious and confused, every day may be a struggle just to get through it, feelings of powerlessness may overwhelm you and it could become difficult to think of or concentrate on anything else.


You may have difficulty in getting to sleep or wake at odd hours and be unable to get back to sleep. Your appetite may change, either overeating or being unable to eat. You may experience feelings of anxiety or become depressed. Counselling cannot make the difficulties in your life disappear but I can be with you as you come to terms with the challenges you face and the decisions you make in a confidential and understanding environment.