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A family can be described as a number of people who care for one another and rely on each other for support, companionship and comfort, a unit and a secure refuge, but it can also be described as painful, cold and lonely. It can consist of both the descriptions above and that can be very confusing. Every family is different so there is no real description, one size does not fit all.


Families take on many of the stresses and strains of everyday life and these pressures can become too much to cope with alone. One person in the family going through changes or difficulties can overwhelm a family, there seems to be no resolution, emotions run high and home can become a battle ground.


Changes can occur within the family which brings up feelings of anger and hurt in other members. Crisis and disappointments can cause great difficulties. Often one family member feels most of the strain, maybe trying to hold everything together.


May be family life is something you want to explore as it wasn’t/isn’t a caring refuge. It may have been a miserable time for you or a mixture of both, confusing and baffling, maybe it still is.


Exploring what is happening for you in your family unit may help you to understand, make decisions and give you a confidential space where you can be heard and understood without judgement enabling you to find a way forward.

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