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A carer is someone who has taken on the responsibility for another’s care, providing or arranging support for someone who cannot care for themselves. Each carer’s experience is unique to their own circumstances, but can include – Alcohol or drug misuse, physical illness, mental health conditions, physical disabilities, Learning difficulties, dementia or the elderly and frail. Anyone can become a carer whatever age, gender or background. You may care for them full or part time, live with them or visit them.

Support you may provide includes:


  • giving emotional support
  • helping someone cope with a mental health problem
  • cooking and cleaning
  • personal care, like washing and going to the toilet
  • budgeting and looking after finances
  • giving medicine or providing medical care
  • interpreting for someone who is deaf or who does not have English as their first language
  • reading information and filling in forms for someone who has literacy or concentration difficulties
  • Attending appointments with someone

The person you care for may be:


  • a family member such as your child, parent, sibling or other relative
  • your partner
  • a friend
  • a neighbour
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Being a carer can be a rewarding experience, but carers can also feel isolated, exhausted and at risk of mental health problems and ill health. Caring for someone else can be so intensive and time consuming.


Carers can feel that friends and family are unable to identify with their experience and maybe they can’t but this can bring about a feeling of isolation. Maintaining healthy relationships with partners, children other family members and friends can be incredibly difficult because of finding time for them and feeling misunderstood, this too may become a source of stress.


This may sound familiar to you or you may have completely different concerns. You may encounter all manner of difficulties and obstacles. Counselling could help you to understand, explore and address these feelings in a safe place with someone who is confidential, non-judgemental, empathic and respectful.