B.A.C.P. Registered Counsellor in Tonbridge, Kent

Self-Confidence Counselling

Self-confidence is being able to trust and have faith in our own judgement and abilities, to have positive but realistic views of ourselves and our situations. It is more about how the world and others see us, what we achieve and how we present ourselves. Where-as self-esteem is more how we feel about ourselves. Others can see self-confidence in us by our behaviour, body language and how we react to situations, self-confidence is evident in our positive attitude and belief in our abilities, people with low self-confidence generally feel and think negatively about themselves.

Having low self-confidence can lead to us not reaching our true potential.

Symptoms of having low self-confidence include:

  • lack of direction
  • feeling shy and uneasy
  •  a sense of uselessness and worthlessness
  • feeling inferior to others

Self-confidence doesn’t necessarily affect all aspects of our lives, it may be that we have some areas of our lives that we have confidence in where as in others we do not, for example confidence in our work life but not in our relationships.

Lack of self-confidence is not necessarily related to lack of ability, it is more often the result of focusing too much on the unrealistic expectations or standards from ourselves and others. It can be our own thinking that leads us to feel inadequate. As with self-esteem our self-confidence can change.