B.A.C.P. Registered Counsellor in Tonbridge, Kent

One to One Relationship Counselling

Couples counselling can be helpful if you are having concerns around your relationship. If however your partner doesn’t want to attend with you at this time or you would like to talk through things on your own then maybe I can help.

I work on a one to one basis exploring your concerns in a safe, empathic and non judgemental space.

All relationships are unique with their own ups and downs. They are complicated and require communication and compromise. When feeling unhappy in a relationship it is important to look at the issues you may be facing. Every relationship will differ in the issues that arise within it. You may feel you could benefit from some counselling to talk through your difficulties.

It is important to remember that all relationships face difficulties at some point but if this is becoming more painful, you feel as though you are going in circles or it is affecting your mental well- being it may be time to seek support.