B.A.C.P. Registered Counsellor in Tonbridge, Kent

Support & Counselling For Bullying

Unfortunately bullying is common and is apparent in schools, homes, the work place, groups, anywhere there are people. Whether you are being bullied now or still suffering from the effects of bullying in your past it can be incredibly traumatic.it can leave you feeling worthless, terrified and powerless. Bullying can be verbal or physical and can lead to depression, low self-esteem, anxiety and suicidal thoughts

Bullying at work can have a terrible impact on your life, adult bullying, particularly in the workplace, is equally prevalent as in other situations but less reported. It can include, gossiping, isolating, humiliation, put-downs, unfair treatment, verbal abuse or the repeated allocation of excessive workloads.

Bullying also happens in the home and is often referred to as domestic abuse. It can affect any member of the family or household. It can include name calling, verbal threats, physical violence and being controlled. It is difficult to accept this is happening because the one oppressing you is a loved one or somebody close to you that you probably trust. This is your home where one would normally feel safety and security but you can feel afraid, anxious, hopeless and alone.

If you feel your life is being affected by bullying it may be time to seek help. Bullying can affect every part of your life and cause misery whether it is on-line, at work, in a public place, group or in your home.

Do you yourself feel you display bullying behaviour, most people that do have been victims themselves. Although having had bad experiences in the past does not make it ok, it may however be a reason for ways we act now. Understanding our behaviour is the beginning of change.